Groby & Field Head Spotlight

Groby & Field Head Spotlight
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Welcome to the Spotlight website

Groby & Field Head Spotlight is a monthly news and information magazine serving the villages of Groby and Field Head in Leicestershire, England.
A total of 3,500 copies of the magazine are distributed to homes and businesses in the area every month. (Estimated readership in excess of 7,000 local people.)
The magazine contains local news, forthcoming events and general items of interest. It's a great way to get in touch with people living in the greater Groby area.
For details of how to advertise, click here or telephone 01530 244069.


SEPTEMBER Issue: Out on 15th September 2018
Advertising & article deadline: 1st September 2018

OCTOBER Issue: Out on 13th October 2018
Advertising & article deadline: 29th September 2018

NOVEMBER Issue: Out on 17th November 2018
Advertising & article deadline: 3rd November 2018

DECEMBER Issue: Out on 15th December 2018
Advertising & article deadline: 1st December 2018

(Subject to alteration)

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