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News & Information for Residents of
Groby, Field Head & The Brantings
Welcome to the Spotlight website

Groby & Field Head Spotlight is a news and information magazine delivered 11 times a year to approximately 3,500 homes and businesses in Groby, Field Head & The Brantings areas of Leicestershire in the UK. The estimated readership is 7,000 people.

The magazine is A4 size, usually around 32 pages thick, and printed in colour throughout.

It contains interesting and informative articles relating to the local area and slightly further afield. The magazine includes regular news items about village clubs and associations, local school news, and information from the local medical centres. There are also regular columns supplied by local councillors and occasional articles from the local MP.

The Spotlight is a useful advertising medium for businesses looking to trade with local residents in a precisely targeted geographic area.

Getting Creative During Lockdown
Groby singer Jordan releases his first single
Hi - my name is Jordan Bakewell from Groby and I have just recently returned home after working on Carnival Cruise lines as a Singer / Dancer.
I have trained in the Performing Arts industry since I was 15 and I eventually qualified with a degree in Musical Theatre in 2017.
When the lockdown began I decided it was a great time to work on my music and I have written four songs in total that will be released as a EP album in the summer, titled “Get Funky.”
I recently released my first single from this EP called “No Sleep ‘til the Morning” which is available right now to buy and download on all music platforms.
My second single will be released on the 19th June called “Get Funky” which is also the title track of the album.
I was lucky enough to work with a very talented music producer from the Netherlands called Robin Wesley in this process.
I am hoping to bring smiles and laughter back to people in these difficult times with my music and I definitely think my songs represent that.
I would love for everyone to go and check out No Sleep ‘til the Morning and get behind a local lad in the area.
Thank you to anyone that has took the time to read this little article and I hope you all enjoy my music!
You can follow my social media accounts to keep updated on new releases.
Best Wishes, Stay Safe.
Instagram: @Jordan Bakewell  -  Twitter: @Jordan Bakewell
Facebook: @Jordan Bakewell Music  -Spotify / Apple Music: @ Jordan Bakewell

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